Boiler Outage Services

PSC offers a full line of boiler deslagging and maintenance applications with both on-line and off-line methods used to get your plant back to your desired performance levels in the shortest period of time.

Different boilers demand different methods so we offer a full spectrum of services including media grit blasting, hydroblasting, explosives, air moving, chemical cleaning, and more. All of these services are performed by highly trained, experienced professionals with years of history in this industry. Ask about our experience in complete outage planning and daily progress reporting for scheduled outages or our emergency response capabilities and let our team of solve your outage needs.


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With a highly trained, safety-minded workforce, as well as a nationwide coverage that gives our clients the service their business demands, PSC’s fleet of hydroblast units is capable of delivering water at pressures ranging from 10,000 psi to 40,000 psi and flow rates ranging from low to high volume for a broad range of work.

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FAST Program

PSC’s Fully Automated SiTe (FAST) program addresses and mitigates the inherent risks that come with traditional hydroblasting techniques. Choosing the right approach for hydroblasting requires a thorough understanding of cleaning cost verse economic benefits verse risk mitigation. Our experienced FAST professionals help PSC clients select the safest, most economical options.

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Vacuum Services

PSC's vacuum services helps our clients minimize downtime, whether it is clearing a sump, evacuating stored water, or removing waste that creates a danger or minimizes our clients’ ability to run effectively. PSC vacuum trucks are the newest, most technologically advanced fleet in the industry.

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