Soft Dig Underground Utility Locating Services

Underground utilities can pose a special challenge for businesses, but with PSC and our soft dig underground utility locating services, our team is able to expose these utilities and work on them without causing much of a disturbance to the surrounding area. 

About our vacuum excavation underground utility locating services


PSC Industrial Services utilizes advanced equipment to provide this cutting-edge service. Instead of tearing up the ground and risk damaging buried and hidden utilities, our soft dig vacuum excavation company administers a service that is both non-destructive and safe.

  • The highly trained technicians of our vacuum excavation utility locating company will use high-pressure air to disturb the soil in the ground. This air loosens up all components of the soil to effectively dig into the ground.

  • The members of our vacuum excavation utility location company use a heavy-duty vacuum to catch the broken up pieces of soil and debris and stores it away.

  • Once our team is done inspecting, or working on, the buried utilities we simply drop the contents back into the hole to fill it in once again, thus, concluding our highly efficient form of soft dig underground utility locating services. 

These vacuum excavation underground utility locating services are great when utilities are buried deep in the ground or they are buried amongst a congested area, which leaves little to no room for traditional digging. 

Consult with the team at PSC about our soft dig vacuum excavating services


The staff of PSC would be happy to talk to you further about your needs for this highly effective service and how it might benefit your specific application. In addition to answering your questions or concerns, we can provide you with a quote for your soft dig underground utility locating services.

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