Loss Prevention System (LPS)

Our Path to an Incident-Free Workplace

The Loss Prevention System™ (LPS) makes up one part of PSC's three-component safety system that also includes Craft Certification and Mechanical Integrity. PSC adopted the LPS in 2011 after seeing our two largest clients, ExxonMobil and Chevron reduce their losses using LPS.

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LPS is a total loss management system that PSC utilizes to prevent all types of losses including but not limited to personal injuries, equipment or property damage, environmental issues, regulatory assessments, product quality, reliability issues, and business inefficiencies.

LPS tools work specifically to identify those factors that cause or contribute to losses and implement solutions to eliminate or reduce the likelihood that the loss will recur. LPS contains six tools and techniques that are designed to proactively address the events or circumstances that can lead to any type of unplanned loss.

  • Loss Prevention Self-Assessment (LPSA) - A brief, mental risk assessment made by employees prior to beginning any work task.
  • Job Loss Analysis (JLA) - A tool that builds on the Job Safety Analysis (JSA) but changes the focus from a “check-the-box” hazard identification approach to putting more emphasis on explicitly stating the critical steps involved in the job and the hazards/hazard mitigations associated with each step.
  • Loss Prevention Observation (LPO) - A standardized, systematic tool for observing a work process and determining if the process is being performed according to company standards.
  • Near-loss Investigations (NLI) and Loss Investigation (LI) - A systematic examination of losses and near losses for the purpose of eliminating risks and future losses.
  • Stewardship - Overseeing and monitoring the proper use and quality of LPS tools to create a positive environment and culture where LPS is managed with the same importance as other major business activities 

LPS has contributed to a significant reduction in losses since being adopted in 2011. More importantly, LPS provides the tools to help workers own their safety performance so they can protect themselves and their families.

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Craft Certification

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