Craft Certification

Our Path to an Incident-Free Workplace

The PSC Craft Certification program is one part of our three-component safety system that also includes the Loss Prevention System™ (LPS) and Mechanical Integrity. Craft Certification is designed to provide advanced training to our employees in the field. Craft Certification offers a structured, hands-on training that allows our employees the opportunity to learn about the procedures and equipment they use in the field with the input of the equipment manufacturer and our team of experienced supervisors and managers.

PSC began the process of developing and producing the Craft Certification program in 2012 by hiring a former NASA technical writer with experience in creating astronaut training manuals.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Craft Certification field instruction manuals, developed through interviews with PSC subject matter experts and the equipment manufacturer, provide the most comprehensive, step-by-step training available.
  • The design and style of the field instruction manuals are based on a similar concept designed for the NASA's Space Shuttle Program and allows the field user the ability to quickly navigate to procedures for tasks they will be expected to perform in the field.
  • The class is designed so that the trainees instruct using the books to ensure that they are able to mentor new hires in the basics using the field instruction manuals and provide them a greater chance to absorb and process the information.
  • A majority of the class, over 80%, is hands on, where the trainees use the equipment to demonstrate and perform the procedures listed in the manuals.
  • The field instruction manuals are designed to emphasize the tools and techniques that the employees are trained in, use and employ with LPS.

PSC continues to train operators and technicians in Craft Certification at all of our locations with the goal of having Craft Certification training for every PSC service line. We encourage our client representatives as well as potential clients to join and observe the classes as often as possible with the intent of increasing education and training throughout the industry.


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