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Welcome to the home for the safest refinery utility maintenance services available. Here at PSC, our top priority is the safety of our more than 2,300 team members in addition to the clients that we work with and the environment. 

As the safest refinery equipment cleaning services, we deliver all of our work governed by a safety system with three components. Together, these components form a program that helps to mitigate the threats of safety hazards and losses. They include:

  • Loss Prevention System: This is a tried-and-true behavior-based safety system that is used all around the world. Our refinery utility maintenance company adopted this as a component of our safety program, because it empowers our own team members to become risk assessment experts in an effort to avoid accidents and losses.

  • Mechanical Integrity Program: Why put a person in harm’s way when there are mechanical solutions that can fulfill the needs? That’s one of the central questions our refinery equipment cleaning company posed when developing a safety program. With our Mechanical Integrity Program, PSC invests in the equipment and tools needed to remove workers from hazardous situations while still effectively getting the job done.

  • Craft Certification: This aspect of our safest refinery equipment cleaning services revolves around administrative control and knowledge. At PSC, we focus on training and continued education for our team so that they have the knowledge to assess the needs of each situation and act accordingly.

Offering the safest refinery utility maintenance services


Having a robust safety program in place not only ensures the health and well being of our team members, but it also promises that your operation can continue moving along efficiently without significant loss or downtime. With PSC and our culture of safety, all parties involved in this professional relationship benefit. 

Learn more about our extensive suite of capabilities, and how we offer the safest refinery utility maintenance services, by consulting with the team at PSC.

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