Safe Mercury Decontamination Services

Mitigate the risks of mercury in your oil and gas — or other production — facility by working with PSC and our safe mercury decontamination services.

While mercury is necessary to aid a variety of production applications, it can be harmful to your operation for a number of reasons (i.e. cause corrosion in lines, health risks, etc.). Don’t risk mishandling mercury and put your workforce, facility or environment in danger — lean on the measured expertise of PSC and our safe mercury facility clean up solutions.

Utilize our comprehensive mercury facility clean up services


Great care and precaution is required when dealing with this type of hazardous material. Coordinating mercury cleanup efforts can be time and labor intensive. With our mercury decontamination facility solutions, we take all the necessary steps for responsible, effective mercury cleanup.

From pre-planning to removal, disposal, reporting and more — the knowledgeable, qualified staff at PSC takes care of every phase of the process and does so with safety and thoroughness in mind. Every situation that we encounter is different which is why we provide safe mercury decontamination services that tailor to your specific needs. 

Ensuring safe, healthy work environments for our clients


Not only do we identify, remove and dispose of mercury, but our safe mercury facility clean up solutions also analyze and implement measures that will make your facility safer and isolated from the potential long-term effects of mercury.

PSC Industrial Services has teams of highly trained technicians and supervisors that are more than well versed in all the state and federal safety regulations, in addition to the most effective and safest ways in which to approach a mercury spill or cleanup project.

When it comes to this hazardous material, the stakes are high. Trust a national leader in safe mercury decontamination services by consulting with the helpful staff at PSC. We have over 40 service locations around the country.

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