Pond Dredging Sludge Removal Services

Welcome to PSC Industrial Services, where we specialize in pond dredging and sludge removal services, amongst our wide range of other cleaning and maintenance capabilities.

As a trusted pond dredging and wastewater treatment company, we work with a diverse set of clients, helping to meet the unique challenges presented by their holding ponds and lagoons.

PSC is a pond sludge removal company that approaches this important service with:

  • Preparedness: Each pond and lagoon that we service presents a unique set of challenges — from limited access points to special environmental considerations. Our pond wastewater treatment services team pre-plans for each project to ensure efficient and effective work.

  • Safety: This includes safety for our pond dredging and sludge removal services team, our clients and the environment. We provide extensive training for our team and equip them with all the tools needed to limit or eliminate their exposure to potential hazards.

  • Experienced: Our pond dredging and wastewater treatment company has been in business since 1977. We have a team that has acquired an extensive knowledge over their many years in the industry, including environmental knowledge and the various state and federal regulations that must be followed closely.

By letting sludge and other matter accumulate in ponds and lagoons, you are limiting their capacity and, thus, hampering the efficiency of your operation. You don’t have to suffer through lackluster efficiency and you certainly don’t have to struggle through prolonged periods of downtime.

PSC is a great resource to trust — we strive to provide service that enhances the efficiency and profitability of the clients that we work with. Consult with a representative from PSC if you want to learn more about our pond dredging and sludge removal services and many other capabilities that can benefit your operation.

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