Offshore Mold Remediation Services

Maintain a healthy, clean offshore worksite with the help of PSC and our offshore mold remediation services. We have the personnel, tools and solutions to responsibly eliminate mold that has formed at offshore work environments in addition to decontaminating and cleaning them.

Offshore mold removal services are vital


Anyone working at an offshore worksite is exposed to generally close quarters. When mold or other harmful material has formed in these environments, it can quickly affect anyone near by. 

PSC has developed highly effective offshore industrial restoration services to keep these environments:

  • Safe: Almost anyone knows that certain types of mold can be very dangerous to the health of those that come into contact with it. With our offshore mold remediation services, we are able to keep your workforce healthy and out of harm’s way.

  • Efficient: Mold can also hamper the efficiency and effectiveness of certain equipment and components. PSC and our offshore mold removal services strive to provide our clients with a clean, efficient work area.

Whether mold has found a home within air ducts or on other surfaces, PSC has solutions to get rid of it in an effective, safe fashion. By eliminating the mold within these environments, we are able to enhance the air quality and health conditions for your workers.

Trust your offshore vessel with the team at PSC Industrial Services


PSC provides an extensive range of services that can be used to keep your offshore vessel safe and efficient — from servicing your HVAC systems and duct work to providing decontamination services. 

We invite you to tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of our highly trained and licensed staff to ensure that the conditions on your offshore vessel are favorable for everyone nearby. The team at PSC is ready to deploy and take care of your need for offshore mold remediation services.

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