California Industrial Water Treatment Services

In an effort to offer our client’s the largest portfolio of services available, PSC is now the go-to company for California industrial water treatment services. In February of 2017, we purchased what was Seaport Environmental.

Now, with the California plant operating under the PSC name, we bring waste water treatment abilities to our vast array of services. Get the trusted PSC name for your industrial water treatment services in California.

Extensive treatment options

At PSC, we strive to operate the leading non-hazardous waste water treatment facility available. While our industrial water recycling services in California aren’t able to handle waste with any traces of PCBs (poly chlorinated biphenyls), we do accept any other non-hazardous waste. This includes:

  • Storm and rain water
  • Holding tank waste
  • Groundwater cleanup
  • Vault, clarifier, or sump water
  • Water containing a high concentration of solids content

Our California industrial water recycling services includes a process of using dissolved air flotation, solids separation and polymer addition. We follow that with pH adjustment and finally centrifuge and activated carbon.

Oil recovery

It’s inevitable that there will be small amounts of oil included with the waste water coming from the oil fields. Part of our California industrial water treatment services includes separating any recoverable oil from the water before continuing the treatment process. To do so, we essentially let gravity do the work for us and then separate the oil content from the wastewater.

Other services

On top of our non-hazardous wastewater treatment service, our industrial water treatment services in California offers many other capabilities for our clients. These include tanker and truck washouts as well as having an on-site lab to determine any contaminants in the waste water.

By adding California industrial water treatment services to our company, our clients enjoy knowing all of their service needs can be met by one company. To get PCS on your next project, submit our form and let us reach out to you. We will have a representative contact you as quickly as possible. 

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