California Automated Hydroblasting Services

To extend the life of your equipment while increasing its efficiency, choose the California automated hydroblasting services offered by PSC. Since 1977, PSC has been the industry leader in maintenance and service technology that helps maintain the energy infrastructure of our country. With locations spread throughout the state — and country — PSC is the go-to California hydroblasting cleaning company.

About hydroblasting

The automated hydroblasting services in California offered by PSC are some of the most effective methods for removing any build-up of dirt and debris. By using high-pressured water, with pressures reaching 40,000 PSI, our hydroblast units cut through even the toughest buildups without causing harmful dust to blow into the air or using harmful chemicals.

We implement state-of-the-art technology

As the leading hydroblasting cleaning company in California, we have only the best, most advanced equipment available. In fact, through our decades of experience, we have even developed our own specialty applications for those jobs with limited access. For example, PSC has developed an automated nozzle system that will clean boilers, as well as a computerized cleaning system designed for air heaters. This is just a portion of what we offer with our California automated hydroblasting services.

FAST Program

Another branch of our automated hydroblasting services in California includes our FAST (Fully Automated SiTe) program. With high-pressure equipment being the source of many injuries in the hyroblasting field, automated services are simply safer.

However, we understand why many of our clients don’t see the benefits of automation immediately. That’s why we have our experienced FAST professionals help our clients select the most economical, and safest, option for their jobs.

PSC is truly the leader in all things involving California automated hydroblasting services. We take the safety of our employees and clients seriously and will only offer the best options for our clients. To learn more, simply fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will respond.

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