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Thumb Automated Cleaning

Automation Shortens Turnaround

Impressing the Client Leads to Repeat Business





Psc Impact Success Story 21 Fast Initiative Produces Tech Breakthrough

PSC FAST Breakthrough

Pro-Drive Automated Flex Lance Tool


Psc 105 27 Oscahiring032616 Lores 2 (1)

PSC Enlisting US Vets

OSCA Recruiting Program is Industry's Largest


Psc Impact Success Story 12 Utility Emp Wastewater Processing (1)

Waste Reporting System

Providing Reliable Waste Reports at the Push of a Button


Psc Impact Success Story 16 Petrochemical Manufacturer Dredging Storage Pool (1)

Storage Pool Dredging

Careful Planning Leads to Flawless Dredging Project


Psc Impact Success Story 15 Oil Refinery Automated Hydroblasting (1)

Automated Hydroblasting

High Tech Speeds Oil Refinery


Psc Impact Success Story 14 Petroleum Refiner Remediation Reimbursement (1)

Remediation Reimbursement

Regulatory Expertise Leads to $56,000


 Psc Impact Success Story 12 Utility Emp Wastewater Processing (1)

Wastewater Processing

Managing Water Runoff Helps Utility Meet EPA Deadline

 Psc Impact Success Story 10 Tank Cleaning (1)

Waste Stream Management

Redefining Refinery Tank Cleaning

 Psc Impact Success Story 9 Hazardous Spill Cleanup (1)

Hazardous Spill Cleanup

Speedy Response to a Mercury Spill

 Psc Impact Success Story 8 Utility Emp Transformer Fire (1)

Transformer Fire

Transformer Blaze Response Reveals Strength Under Fire

 Psc Impact Success Story 7 Utility Emp Carbon Services (1)

Utility Hydrotesting

Giving a Utility More Power for its Dollar

 Psc Impact Success Story 6 Refinery Waste Stream Management (1)

Waste Stream Management

Cleaning Up an Oil Refinery's Hydrocarbon Waste Program

 Psc Impact Success Story 4 Utility Emp Emergency Response (1)

Chemical Cleaning

PSC Takes Refinery Tower Cleaning to a New Level

 Psc Impact Success Story 3 Refinery Turnaround (1)

Turnaround Tank Cleaning

How PSC put 98,000 Barrels a Day Back in Business

 Psc Impact Success Story 2 Rpsc Tank Cleaning (1)

Automated Tank Cleaning

Cleaning System Protects Workers, Increases Bottom Line

 Psc Impact Success Story 1 Oil Refinery Tank Degassing (1)

Tank Degassing

Saving Time, Money and Community


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