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Different boilers demand different methods so we offer a full spectrum of services including media grit blasting, hydroblasting, explosives, air moving, chemical cleaning, and more.

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PSC developed our Environmental Management Program (EMP) specifically to meet the compliance and cost management needs of our customers. Our program is designed to execute environmental compliance activities to the same standard for the same scope every time, with clear procedures that can be followed in the field.

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One of the most talked about subjects in today’s industrial cleaning market is hydroblasting automation. PSC’s Fully Automated SiTe (FAST) program has been developed to help PSC clients select the safest, most economical options for hydroblasting.

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PSC offers the newest, most technologically advanced vacuum services fleet in the industry. PSC's Vacuum services helps to minimize downtime for our clients, whether it be clearing a sump, evacuating stored water, or removing waste that creates a danger or minimizes our clients’ ability to run effectively.


Hydroblasting is by far the most common industrial cleaning application and it can be applied to virtually every process configuration to efficiently remove foulants and other built-up materials.


The NORF is an oil recovery unit that can receive a variety of sludges, byproducts or spent materials generated by our clients in the refining and petrochemical industries. Pumpable sludges are dewatered through a three-phase centrifuge to recover oil and water from the material.


PSC has successfully completed thousands of NORM remediation/decontamination projects. We hold NORM specific licenses in Louisiana and Texas and have the capability of obtaining reciprocal agreements in other states of mobile projects.


PSC’s Pipeline Safety Enhancement Program (PSEP) and support services provide gas distribution utilities with a comprehensive suite of offerings for pipeline integrity management. The program includes Pipeline Scrape Sampling, Test Water Filtration, Excavation, and more.


PSC offers a full range of services, custom-engineered solutions, and unmatched experience to clean tanks, reduce out-of-service time, manage waste, and lower costs. Additionally, PSC's tank cleaning group offers cost effective volume reduction processes to reduce disposal costs.


For environmental issues that involve complex environmental challenges impacting the success of your business, and your bottom line, PSC’s experts will serve as a trusted consultant, contractor, or both—no matter how challenging the project.

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