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Environmental, Health, Safety & Transportation (EHST) Commitment

At PSC, excellence in environmental, health and safety performance is the foundation of everything we do. It is PSC's policy to conduct our business in a manner that safeguards and protects the people, environment and resources of the companies and communities we serve. PSC employees are committed to doing our part to contribute to a safer and healthier environment.

We will:

  • Meet or exceed all applicable EHS laws, regulations and relevant industry standards.
  • Conduct our business with integrity.
  • Ensure that reasonable and practical actions are taken to recognize and reduce or eliminate unacceptable risk to the health and safety of our employees and to the environment.
  • Integrate EHS standards, including identifying and controlling risks, into our business decisions, plans and operations.
  • Require management commitment by defining measurable objectives that promote continuous improvement when needed.
  • Regularly review our progress toward EHS objectives, acknowledge success and make changes or improvements when needed.
  • Require line management accountability for EHS matters.
  • Emphasize every employee's responsibility for EHS performance.
  • Review operating policies and procedures and training programs periodically to ensure continuous improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Provide resources to effectively implement this policy.
  • Communicate EHS goals and progress toward them to our stakeholders and share experiences with our peer companies to facilitate improvements and industry performance.

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