Client Stewardship Model

Ensuring a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

PSC's stewardship approach creates a mutually-beneficial partnership between PSC and our customers where PSC tracks and shares key performance indicators such as cost drivers and safety statistics to help assist our clients in the management of their own maintenance activities. Stewardship

PSC's onsite relationships operate under a "stewardship" approach developed and introduced by PSC.  While clients frequently have some unique data reporting requirements, there is a great deal of commonality across the PSC stewardship programs.  As our clients' service partners, we want the baseline data to include annual budget targets, safety metrics, savings opportunities and their implementation plans.  Reporting progress every quarter, the stewardship process has been very effective at creating joint ownership of targets to improve customer service, safety, quaility and costs.  By maintaining open and trusting communications with consistent data, our clients can focus on their core business rather than on maintenance contractor management.


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